Dial Food Thermometers

Dial Food Thermometers

Bimetallic-Coil Thermometers

These thermometers contain a coil in the probe made of two different metals that are bonded together. The two metals have different rates of expansion. The coil, which is connected to the temperature indicator, expands when it is heated. This food thermometer senses temperature from its tip and up the stem for 2 to 2 1/2 inches.

The resulting temperature is an average of the temperatures along the sensing area. These food thermometers have a dial display and are available as oven-safe and instant-read.

Disposable Thermometers

This disposable thermometers as its name suggested is meant to be used for a single use only. It is one of the most recent developments in the retail food market for thermometers used to indicate food temperatures. There are currently several brands available in the retail market and they are designed for different range of temperatures. You should use the correct thermometers for the food temperature which they are intended. Always check the package for directions to ensure that the temperature desired is consistent with the recommended internal cooking temperature types.

Special temperature-sensitive materials are used to produce these disposable thermometers' sensors. It will change colors when the food reaches the proper temperature and they are designed to be used only once. These disposable thermometers cannot be left in a food while cooking and should be used near the end of the estimated cooking time.

In order to prevent overcooking, check the temperature before the food is expected to finish cooking. If the desired temperature has not been reached, they can be reinserted until the temperature is reached. Disposable thermometers are made from materials approved by the FDA for the contact with food.

Instant-Read Bimetallic Coil Thermometers

This is a quick measurement thermometers as they could produce the temperate of a food in about 15 to 20 seconds. They should be used towards the end of the estimated cooking time to check for the final cooking temperatures as they are not designed to remain in the food while cooking in the oven. Check the temperature before the food is expected to finish cooking to prevent overcooking.

Always ensure that the probe of the bimetallic coil thermometer is inserted fully into the sensing area which is about 2 to 3 inches deep. For thinner food such as hamburger or boneless chicken breast, the depth could be achieved by inserting through the side of the food so that the entire sensing area is positioned through the center of the food. Some of the thermometer models could be calibrated and you should check the manufacturer's instruction.

Oven-Safe Bimetallic Coil Thermometers

This type of thermometer is designed to remain in the food while cooking in an oven. Usually used for large food items like turkey or roast. And because it is designed to remain in the food while cooking, it will be able to shows the temperature very conveniently as the food is being cooked. The only disadvantage with this type of thermometer is that it will take a longer time to register the correct temperature if they are not left in the food while cooking.

The temperature sensing coil on the stem is 2 to 2.5 inches long and the stem is relatively thick. As such it is more appropriate to measure the temperature of food thicker than 3 inches like roast or turkey. To get a more accurate temperature using this thermometers, it is advisable to have the readings made from a few spots. Reason is because heat conducts along the stem's metal surface faster than through the food especially area a short distance to the side.

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