Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Appetizers)

Vietnamese Appetizers & Snacks Recipes

The Vietnamese are keen snackers. This scrumptious snacks are commonly available throughout the day on every street corner. People stop when they are hungry or when they see and smell something irresistible. They will sit down on a small stool or bench, by a rickety table set up on the pavement, and wait for their sizzling pancake or whatever it is to be cooked for them. The southern city of Saigon is abuzz with the sounds and sights of culinary activity, and the streets are so enticingly thick with cooking aromas you could almost bite the air. One of the first words you are likely learn in Vietnam is banh. It is simply used to describe sweet snacks - from spring rolls and crepes to sandwiches and rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves. You will find them everywhere, piles into baskets, stacked on counters and cooking over charcoal. Sweet or savory, the one thing banh have in common is that they are eaten with fingers. However, they are just the thing when you want new ideas for party nibbles, picnics or barbecue food or just a late night snack.

  1. Beef Crystal Spring Rolls

  2. Beef Sate

  3. Calamari Cha Cakes

  4. Chicken Pancake

  5. Chicken Puffs

  6. Chicken Sate

  7. Crab Cakes

  8. Crabstick Rolls

  9. Crystal Shrimp Rolls

  10. Deep Fried Phoenix Balls

  11. Deep Fried Squid Rings

  12. Deep Fried Sweet Potato and Shrimp Patties

  13. Eel Cakes

  14. Fish Ball Starters

  15. Fish Crystal Spring Rolls

  16. Fish Pickled in Vinegar

  17. Fresh Spring Rolls

  18. Fried Dried Beancurd

  19. Fried Meat Puffs

  20. Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper

  21. Garlic Shrimps

  22. Golden Spring Rolls

  23. Grilled Beef in Vine Leaves

  24. Grilled Bean Curd Skewer

  25. Grilled Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane Skewers

  26. Grilled Shrimps with Lemon Grass

  27. Hue Stuffed Pancake

  28. Minced Chicken and Shrimp Party Dip

  29. Mushroom Sate

  30. Net Spring Rolls

  31. Pork and Crab Meat Spring Rolls

  32. Pork and Crab Rolls

  33. Pork Crackling

  34. Pork Pate in Banana Leaf

  35. Roasted Eggplant and Herb Dip

  36. Saigon Pancake

  37. Saigon Sizzling crepes

  38. Seafood Pancake

  39. Shrimp Crystal Spring Rolls

  40. Shrimps and Minced Pork on Sugar Cane

  41. Shrimp and Scallop Sate

  42. Shrimp and Sweet Potato Cakes

  43. Shrimp Crackers

  44. Shrimp Fritters

  45. Shrimp Rolls

  1. Shrimp Spring Rolls

  2. Shrimp Toast

  3. Shrimps in Sesame Seed

  4. Spicy Beancurd Skin Roll

  5. Spicy Squid

  6. Spring Rolls in Lettuce

  7. Spring Rolls Vietnamese Style

  8. Stuffed Pancakes

  9. Stuffed Scallops

  10. Sugarcane Paste Shrimps

  11. Sugar Cane Shrimp

  12. Tangy Tomato Dip

  13. Tapioca and Cantaloupe

  14. Vegetarian Crystal Rolls

  15. Vegetarian Sandwich with Sesame Sauce

  16. Vegetarian Vietnamese Rolls

  17. Vegetarian Vietnamese Spring Rolls

  18. Vietnamese Beef and Herb Rice Paper Rolls

  19. Vietnamese Dumplings

  20. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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