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Sugarcane Paste Shrimps Recipe

(Chao Tom)

Ingredients : Serves 4

500 g

1/2 teaspoon


1 teaspoon

1/2 teaspoon

1/2 teaspoon

2 tablespoons

12 sheets



100 g

25 g

150 g


50 g

250 ml


Shrimps, peeled and deveined


Spring onions (scallions), white portions only, chopped


Ground white pepper

Chicken seasoning powder

Vegetable oil

Vietnamese rice paper, sprinkled with water to soften




Mint leaves

Pickled carrot and radish

Cucumber, julienned

Rice vermicelli, julienned

Mixed fish sauce

Sugarcane sticks, 10 cm long, peeled


Method :
  • Mix shrimps with a pinch of salt then rinse and dry thoroughly.

  • Grind or pound shrimps with spring onions, remaining salt, sugar, pepper and chicken seasoning powder.

  • Oil your fingers to prevent shrimp paste from sticking to them. Divide shrimp paste equally into 6 portions. Using your fingers, mould one portion around a stick of sugar cane. Continue to make another 5 sticks.

  • Steam for 10 minutes then grill over medium charcoal heat until lightly browned and deep fry until golden brown.

  • To assemble, lay a sheet of rice paper on a plate. Place a lettuce leaf, some mint leaves, pickled carrot and radish, cucumber and vermicelli on top.

  • Remove cooked shrimp paste from a sugarcane stick and place on top. Roll rice paper up and dip into mixed fish sauce before eating.

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