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Vegetarian Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe

(Banh Cuon Chay Viet Nam)

Ingredients : Serves 4-5

175 g



1 piece

1 piece

1 small


2 cloves



15 ml

1/4 teaspoon


1 packet


To Serve


A few sprigs

A few sprigs


Bean thread vermicelli

Dried Chinese mushrooms

or 6 button mushrooms

Light or yellow wood ear fungus

Black wood ear fungus

Can water chestnuts,

drained and chopped

Garlic, minced

Carrots, grated

Onions, grated

Nuoc Mam sauce

Black pepper

Egg, beaten

Round Banh Trang rice paper



Webb or round lettuce



Cucumber, peeled

and cut into matchsticks slices

Nuoc Mam dipping sauce

Method :
  • Soak the vermicelli in boiled water, slightly cooled, until soft. Drain thoroughly. Use kitchen scissors to cut into shorter strands.

  • Soak the Chinese mushrooms and the light and black wood ear fungus in boiled water, slightly cooled. When soft drain thoroughly, gently squeezing out any excess water. Cut finely. If using button mushrooms, wash, drain and chop finely.

  • Place the vermicelli, water chestnuts, garlic, carrot, onion, light and black wood ear fungus, Nuoc Mam sauce, black pepper and egg in a large mixing bowl.

  • With your hands, mix and knead the mixture until it is stiff enough to be shaped. Follow the same method to make and fry the rolls as for Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

  • Place the rolls in the centre of a lettuce leaf with some mint, coriander and cucumber. Roll up and dip into the sauce while still hot.

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