Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Desserts & Drinks)

Butter Almond Cookies Recipe

Ingredients :

A :

160 g

100 g



B :

60 g


C : (Sifted)

225 g

1/4 teaspoon



Caster sugar

Egg yolk



Ground almond



Plain flour

Baking soda

Method :
  • Cream A till light. Add B, C and mix into a soft dough.

  • Press into a tray lined with plastic and cover (about 3cm thick). Put in the refrigerator and chill till firm.

  • Remove from the refrigerator, cut into small square or rectangular slices 3mm thick. Bake in a       pre-heated oven at 190oC for about 15 minutes.

  • Remove and leave to cool. Serve.

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