Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Desserts & Drinks)

Vietnamese Desserts Recipes

(Desserts and Drinks)

Desserts as we know them are not generally eaten in Vietnam. Meals are most likely to be finished with a selection of different types of fabulous fresh fruit, if anything. Sweet snacks are available on the street all day long, however, the children and sweet-toothed adults find it hard to resist the sweet temptations that are on offer on this chapter. Sweet cakes, snacks and specialties such as colored glutinous rice enclosing sweet bean paste, are also made for special occasions, Buddhist festival and other celebrations.

Drinks include refreshing Limeade and Vietnamese-style Coffee combines with condensed milk are extremely a too sweet offer to resist.

  1. Almond Jelly in Fruit Cocktail

  2. Almond Rice Jello

  3. Baked Coconut Pudding

  4. Banana Coffee Bread

  5. Banana and Pineapple Fritters

  6. Banana Fritters

  7. Banana Sago

  8. Banana Spring Rolls

  9. Bananas in Coconut Milk

  10. Banana in Rich Coconut Sauce

  11. Brown Sugar Cendol Jelly

  12. Butter Almond Cookies

  13. Caramel Custard

  14. Caramel Syrup

  15. Caramelized Banana in Rice Pudding

  16. Caramelized Bananas

  17. Cassava Cake

  18. Cassava Sweet

  19. Cassava Patties

  20. Cashewnut Fudge

  21. Cocoa Rice Dessert

  22. Coconut Caramel

  23. Coconut Creme Caramel

  24. Coconut Custard

  25. Coconut Ice Cream

  26. Coconut Rice Cheesecake

  27. Coconut Rice Pudding with Sauteed Mango

  28. Coconut Sorbet

  29. Cheese Pinwheel Rolls

  30. Cheese Sticks

  31. Chocolate Chips Orange Cookies

  32. Coconut Flan with Caramel

  33. Coconut and Pandanus Jellies

  34. Cottage Cheese Sandwich

  35. Crispy Dumplings

  36. Crunchy Anchovy Fritters

  37. Deep Fried Mung Beans Dumplings

  38. Deep Fried Sesame Dates

  39. Diced Water Chestnut in Sweet Coconut Milk

  40. Durian Ice Cream

  41. Easy Meringue Cookies

  42. Egg Biscuits

  43. Egg Custard Tarts

  44. Five Treasure Sweet Delights

  45. Fluffy Sweet Rice Cakes

  46. Fresh Fruit Plate

  47. Fresh Jackfruit in Syrup

  48. Ginger Cookies

  49. Ginger Surprise

  50. Glutinous Rice Balls

  51. Golden Mini Pao

  52. Green Paste with Coconut Milk

  53. Green Peas Biscuits

  54. Honey Melon and Sago Dessert

  55. Hot Chocolate Drink

  56. I-Jen Rice Soup

  57. Jungle Fruits in Ginger Syrup

  58. Light Butter Cookies

  59. Limeade

  60. Lotus Seed with Agar-Agar

  61. Lychee and Ginger Ice

  62. Lychee Slap

  63. Lychee Sorbet

  64. Mango Cake with Nutmeg Cream

  65. Mango Ice Cream

  66. Mango Jam

  67. Mango Glutinous Rice Pudding

  68. Mini Custard Flans

  69. Mixed Fruits in Lemon Grass Syrup

  70. Peanut Brittle

  1. Peanut Rice Balls in Sweet Soup

  2. Purple Yam Pudding

  3. Quick and Taste Egg Doughnuts

  4. Red Beans Rice Balls in Sweet Soup

  5. Rice Porridge with Corn

  6. Seasoned Lime Juice

  7. Sesame Rice Balls in Sweet Soup

  8. Star Anise Ice Cream

  9. Steam Coconut Custard in a Pumpkin

  10. Sticky Coconut Rice with Mangoes

  11. Stick Rice Balls with Coconut

  12. Sticky Rice with Fruit Coulis

  13. Sweet Banana and Jackfruit Spring Rolls

  14. Sweet Egg and Milk Balls

  15. Sweet Agar-Agar

  16. Sweet Coconut Rice Pudding

  17. Sweet Green Bean Soup

  18. Sweet Green Lentil Soup

  19. Sweet Milk Doughnuts

  20. Sweet Mung Bean Soup

  21. Sweet Rice Squares

  22. Sweet Potato Chips

  23. Sweet Potato Fritters

  24. Sweet Pumpkin and Lotus Seed Soup

  25. Sweet Red Bean Soup

  26. Sweet Red Date, Lotus Seed and White Fungus Soup

  27. Sweet Sticky Rice Coconut Patties

  28. Sweet Stewed Bananas

  29. Sweetened Coconut

  30. Tapioca and Cantaloupe

  31. Tasty Spring Rolls

  32. Vietnamese Bo Bo Cha Cha

  33. Vietnamese Caramel Custard

  34. Vietnamese Churros

  35. Vietnamese Fried Banana

  36. Vietnamese Fruity Butter Cake

  37. Vietnamese Style Coffee

  38. Water Chestnut Delight

  39. White Chocolate Sponge Cake

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