Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Desserts & Drinks)

Lychee and Ginger Ice Recipe

(Kem Trai Vai Voi Gung)

Ingredients : Serves 4

100 g

15 g

150 ml



1 sprig


Lychees in heavy syrup

Root ginger, peeled and grated




Fresh mint leaves


Sponge ginger biscuits (optional)

Method :
  • Put the lychees in a blender or food processor together with the ginger and water. Process to a fine puree.

  • Pour the mixture into a 23cm square baking tin and put into the freezer for 3 hours.

  • Break the iced mixture into chunks and process again until slushy.

  • Return to the baking tin and freeze once more until solid.

  • Allow the mixture to soften lightly (about 5 minutes) and scoop into 4 champagne glasses or rice bowls.

  • Garnish with mint leaves, lychees and a biscuit, if desired.

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