Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Desserts & Drinks)

Rice Porridge with Corn Recipe

Ingredients : Serves 6-8

200 g

1 1/4 liters

190 g

1 teaspoon

1 x 425 g



2 cups

Uncooked glutinous rice

Thin coconut milk



Can whole kernel corn, drained

or kernels from 2 fresh cobs of corn,

steamed or boiled for 7 minutes

Coconut cream, to serve

Method :
  • Combine the glutinous rice and coconut milk in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, then add sugar, salt and corn.

  • Simmer over very low heat until rice is tender and mixture has a porridge-like texture, about 15 minutes.

  • Pour into individual bowls and serve each bowl with 60 ml coconut cream.

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