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Sweet Agar-Agar Recipe

Ingredients :

Skin :Ingredients A

375 ml

1 tablespoon

80 g

2 pcs


B :

1/2 cup

1/8 teaspoon

A few drops



250 g



Agar-agar powder


Pandanus leaves, knotted



Thick coconut milk (use 1/2 coconut)


Orange colouring



Red bean paste

Method :
  • Skin : Put ingredients A into a small pot, stir and bring to boil till agar-agar powder has dissolved. Remove pandanus leaves. Add B, stir and cook till almost boiling. Remove from fire and strain.

  • Filling : Roll red bean paste in between 2 sheets of plastic till 3mm thick. Cut into 3cm x 2cm pieces.

  • Prepare 12 angku moulds, pour in agar-agar mixture till half full. Leave to half-set before putting in filling and top up agar-agar mixture till full.

  • Leave aside to set. Use a small knife to loosen one side of the angku before removing it from the mould.

  • Chill in the refrigerator before serving.

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