Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Eggs)

Vietnamese Eggs Recipes

Oriental medicine ascribes great value to eggs, especially incubated eggs, and the Vietnamese are very fond of these although the high price and scarcity makes them only a small portion of their diet. Eggs may also be pickled, boiled in tea (to color), and served in slices or wedges as a garnish to other dishes or appetizers. Tiny pancakes, made basically with eggs, and the shredded egg pancake used as a soup garnish, are used according to income.
  1. Braised Quail Eggs with Bean Curd and Vegetables

  2. Chives Omelet

  3. Century Egg with Gingko Nuts

  4. Coin Purse Eggs

  5. Crab and Shrimp Omelet

  6. Crab Omelet

  7. Egg Bean Curd

  8. Egg Omelet

  9. Eggs Stuffed with Minced Pork and Beansprouts

  10. Garlic Roasted Quails with Honey

  11. Marbled Tea Eggs

  12. Minced Pork on Egg Omelet

  13. Quail Eggs in Brown Sauce

  14. Steamed Egg Roll

  15. Steamed Egg Seafood

  16. Steamed Egg with Minced Pork

  17. Vietnamese Egg Pancake


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