Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Meat)

Vietnamese Grilled Pork Recipe

(Thit Nuong)

Ingredients : Serves 4

500 g


Marinade :

3 cloves


1 tablespoon

1 teaspoon

2 tablespoons

1 tablespoon

2 tablespoons

Lean pork lion, cut into thin slices



Garlic, chopped

Large shallots, chopped

Palm or light muscovado sugar


Vietnamese fish sauce

Chinese rice wine

Groundnut oil

Method :
  • To make the marinade, combine the garlic, shallots, sugar, pepper, fish sauce, rice wine and groundnut oil.

  • Place the pork slices in a bowl and coat thoroughly with the marinade.

  • Cover and leave in the refrigerator overnight.

  • Thread the pork slices on to 8 pre-soaked bamboo skewers in a zig-zag fashion and cook under a preheated grill for about 4 minutes on each side, or until cooked through.

  • Serve the skewers with rice noodles, crushed roasted peanuts, salad and nuoc cham dipping sauce.

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