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Fresh Rice Noodles Recipe

A variety of dried noodles is available in Asian stores and supermarkets, but fresh ones are quite different and not that difficult to make. The freshly-made noodle sheets can be served as a snack, drenched in sugar or honey, or dipped into a savoury sauce of your choice. Otherwise, cut them into wide strips and gently stir-fry them with garlic, ginger, chilies and nuoc mam or soy sauce.

Ingredients : Serves 4

225 g

600 ml

1/2 teaspoon

15 ml

Rice flour



Vegetable oil, plus extra for brushing silvers of red chili and fresh root ginger, and fresh coriander (cilantro) leaves, for garnishing (optional)

Method :
  • Place the flour in a bowl and stir in some of the water to form a paste.

  • Pour in the rest of the water, beating it to make a lump-free batter.

  • Add the salt and oil. Leave it to stand for 15 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, fill a wide pan with water. Cut a piece of smooth cotton cloth a little larger than the diameter of the pan. Stretch it over the top of the pan, pulling the edges tautly down over the sides, then wind a piece of sting around the edge, to secure. Using a sharp knife, make three small slits, about 2.5 cm from the edge of the cloth, at regular intervals.

  • Bring the water to the boil. Stir the batter and ladle 30-45 ml/2-3 tablespoons on to the cloth. (If it doesn't peel off easily, you may need to steam it a little longer). Transfer the noodle sheet to a lightly oiled baking tray, brush lightly with oil, and cook the remaining batter in the same way. From time to time, you may need to top up the water through one of the slits and tighten the cloth again.

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