Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Rice & Noodles)

Vietnamese Rice and Noodles Recipes

Rice and noodles are the staple starches in the Vietnamese diet, but they have also cultivated a taste for French bread over the years and combine it with beef, cooked Vietnamese style, to make delicious, if somewhat unorthodox sandwiches. Breakfast in Vietnam is usually noodles soup. It is rather overpowering by Western standards, for it is redolent of fresh coriander herb (called Vietnamese parsley), garlic and nuoc mam or nuoc cham. Rice, accompanied by dishes or meat, poultry or fish, is the basis of the other meals.

Rice is cooked by the absorption method, without salt. It is meant to be firm and separate, the grains having just enough cling so they can be picked up easily with chopsticks. Pot-roasted rice, a simple variation, has a flavor all  its own and is considered a delicacy. It is easy to prepare and this method of cooking rice results in a drier and fluffier consistency.

  1. Bamboo Steamed Sticky Rice

  2. Bean Sprouts Chicken Noodle Soup

  3. Bean Thread Noodle Soup

  4. Bean and Vegetables Noodle Soup

  5. Beef Noodle Soup

  6. Beef Noodles in Bean Gravy

  7. Beef Pho

  8. Broth with Roast Duck, Pak Choi and Egg Noodles

  9. Brown Rice with Stir Fried Diced Vegetables

  10. Chicken and Mushroom Rice

  11. Chicken Congee

  12. Chicken Glass Noodle Soup

  13. Chicken Noodle Soup

  14. Chicken Porridge

  15. Chicken Rice

  16. Chicken with Ginger Chive Rice

  17. Chinese Rice and Soy Beans

  18. Claypot Rice

  19. Clear Chicken Noodle Soup

  20. Crab and Corn Porridge

  21. Crab Noodle Soup

  22. Crab with Rice Noodles

  23. Crispy Egg Noodle Pancake with Seafood

  24. Dry Noodles with Sesame and Garlic Dressing

  25. Egg Fried Rice

  26. Fragrant Noodles with Chili and Sesame Sauce

  27. Fresh Rice Noodles

  28. Fried Egg Noodles in Sauce

  29. Fried Garlic Beef Noodle

  30. Fried Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sate

  31. Fried Rice

  32. Fried Rice Extraordinary

  33. Fried Rice with Shrimps

  34. Fried Rice Vermicelli with Meat and Shrimps

  35. Fried Vermicelli

  36. Glutinous Rice

  37. Glutinous Rice Vietnamese Style

  38. Grilled Pork with Vermicelli

  39. Hanoi Beef Noodle Soup

  40. Hanoi Chicken Vermicelli

  41. Herbed Rice Noodles with Asparagus and Peanuts

  42. Hue Styled Spicy Beef and Pork Noodles

  43. Noodle Cakes

  44. Noodle Pancake with Garlic Beef

  1. Noodle Pork Ball Soup

  2. Noodle with Beef and Vegetables

  3. Noodles and Mixed Vegetables in Broth

  4. Noodles with Crab and Mushrooms

  5. Perfumed Rice

  6. Popped Rice with Shrimp

  7. Pig's Trotters Noodle Soup

  8. Rice Noodles with Fresh Herbs

  9. Rice Vermicelli and Egg

  10. Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf

  11. Saigon Noodles

  12. Shrimp Fried Rice

  13. Spicy Fried Noodles

  14. Spiced Chili Rice with Turmeric and Coriander

  15. Steamed Glutinous Rice

  16. Steamed Rice

  17. Sticky Rice

  18. Sticky Rice Cakes Filled with Pork and Lotus Seeds

  19. Stir-Fried Beef with Vermicelli

  20. Stir Fried Noodles and Bean Sprouts

  21. Stir-Fried Noodles with Mushrooms

  22. Stir-Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage

  23. Stir-Fried Vegetables with Rice Vermicelli

  24. Stir-Fried Vermicelli with Vegetables

  25. Sweet and Sour Noodles

  26. Vegetable Rice

  27. Vermicelli Grilled Chicken

  28. Vietnamese Chicken Porridge

  29. Vietnamese Fried Chicken

  30. Vietnamese Fried Noodles

  31. Vietnamese Shrimp Fried Rice

  32. Vietnamese Steamed Rice

  33. Vietnamese Style Chicken Noodles Soup

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