Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Salad)

Salad Plate Recipe

(Sa Lach Dia)

A plate of raw vegetables, salad leaves and fresh herbs is served with almost every meal in Vietnam. They are either added to what you are eating, noodle soup for example, or used to wrap it up, as with grilled pork perhaps, or small pieces of spring roll. This recipe is fairly basic, but you are free to make it as exciting as you like by perhaps adding pieces of fruits or some dressings to go along.

Ingredients : Serves 4





250 g


4 sprigs

4 sprigs

4 sprigs

4 sprigs

Round lettuce

Cos lettuce

Cucumber, cut into strips

Carrots, cut into strips

Bean sprouts

Spring onions (scallions), shredded

Coriander leaves

Basil leaves

Mint leaves


Method :
  • To serve, wash and dry all the ingredients and arrange them on a large plate in the centre of the table.

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