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Salted Chilies with Lime Recipe

This red-hot condiment, which is frequently found on Vietnamese tables, is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, it is only for those who like fire on their tongues and pain in their bellies. You will often find little dishes of chilies, salt and lime serves as an accompaniment, which diners can dip into between mouthfuls of the main dish. They require little preparation and are a classic accompaniment, giving an authentic Vietnamese feel to any meal.

Ingredients :




Green or red chilies

Sea salt


Method :
  • Cut the green or red chilies in half lengthways.

  • Remove the seeds and white pith.

  • Pile the seeded chilies on a plate.

  • Pour some sea salt on to the edge of the plate

  • Place the limes, cut into equal segments on the plate as well.

Tips :

When you feel like bursting info flames, take a chili and a wedge of lime and squeeze the juice over the chili. Next dip the zesty chili into the salt and pop it into your mouth. Many of your Vietnamese dining companions may be doing just that, with neither a tear in their eyes nor sweat on their brows.

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