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Grilled Bass with Ginger Sauce Recipe

(Ca Bass Nuong Voi Xot Gung)

Ingredients : Serves 4




2 tablespoons

15 ml

1 piece


Ginger sauce



2 stalks



90 ml

15 ml

1 piece

30 ml

60 ml

1 tablespoon

Bass, large enough to serve 4,

cleaned and gutted

Limes, juiced

Dill, chopped

Sesame oil

Chinese stem ginger, cut into strips,

to garnish


Dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked until soft,

drained and thinly sliced with stalks removed

Lemon grass, peeled and thinly sliced

Spring onions, finely chopped

Red chili pepper, thinly sliced

Ginger wine

Nuoc Mam sauce

Chinese stem ginger, cut into strips (optional)

Wine vinegar


Cornflour mixed with a little water

Method :
  • Rub the bass with remnants of the limes.

  • Make slanting slashes down both sides of the fish. Pour the lime juice over the fish. Sprinkle over the dill and leave covered in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours.

  • Simmer all the ginger sauce ingredients except the cornflour together for at least 3 minutes. Gently add in the cornflour, stirring all the time. You should see the mixture thicken.

  • Turn off the heat and cover.

  • Brush both sides of the bass with sesame oil.

  • On a barbecue or under a preheated hot grill, cook the fish until just done.

  • Serve the fish hot with the ginger sauce poured over it.

  • Garnish with stem ginger.

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