Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Seafood)

Stir-Fried Squid with Baby Corn Recipe

(Muc Xao Bap Non)

Ingredients : Serves 4

500 g

1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon

1 teaspoon



25 g

150 g

1/4 teaspoon

1/4 teaspoon

1 teaspoon

1 dash



1 sprig


Dipping sauce

2 tablespoons


Squid, cleaned

Rice wine

Cooking oil

Garlic, finely chopped

Onion, peeled and cut in wedges

Carrot, sliced and blanched

Snow peas, blanched

Baby corn, blanched



Fish sauce

Ground white pepper



Coriander (cilantro) leaves



Fish sauce

Red chili

Method :
  • Slit open squid tubes and flatten.

  • Make diagonal cuts on the inner surface then slice.

  • Boil some water in a pot and add rice wine.

  • Blanch squid then drain.

  • Heat oil and stir fry garlic until fragrant. Add onion then carrot, snow peas, baby corn and drained squid.

  • Add salt, sugar and fish sauce then stir fry for another 5 minutes.

  • Remove from heat and transfer to plate.

  • Sprinkle with pepper and garnish with coriander.

  • Combine dipping sauce ingredients.

  • Serve together with squid and steamed rice.

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