Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines (Vegetables)

Braised Mixed Vegetables Recipe

Ingredients : Makes 4-6

125 g

125 g

125 g

30 g

60 g


1 clove

1/4 teaspoon

375 ml

1 dessert spoon

4 tablespoons

1 sprig


Seasonings :-

2 tablespoons

1/4 teaspoon

1 teaspoon

1/4 teaspoon

Carrots, thinly sliced

Bamboo shoots, thinly sliced

Snow peas, stringed

Dried black mushrooms, soaked and drained. Discard stems

Button mushrooms

Small onion, chopped

Garlic, chopped


Chicken stock

Cornstarch, blended with 1 tablespoon water

Cooking oil

Spring onion (scallion), chopped



Soy sauce



MSG (optional)

Method :
  • Heat oil in pan and lightly brown onion and garlic.

  • Add salt, then carrots, bamboo shoots and snow peas.

  • Stir fry briefly.

  • Add black and button mushrooms and pour in stock.

  • Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

  • Thicken with cornstarch paste and add seasoning ingredients.

  • Dish up, sprinkle with chopped spring onion and serve hot.

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